Arai Nursery Family


Don't listen when Mike says that he just waters the plants. He also fertilizes them. Honestly though, the nursery runs because of Mike's hard work during the off-season.


What started as a small patch of Rhododendrons has grown beyond our expectations. We appreciate everyone who drives out of their way to reach our nursery each year. My favorite part of nursery season is watching what plant arrangements people come up with for their containers.


Linda has been working at Arai Nursery for many seasons. She is a tremendous help, and we are lucky to have her! Each year, she helps with customers' plant containers and baskets they have brought to the nursery for replanting. This can be a very busy and vigorous job, especially during opening weekend. She is always ready to give a helping hand with a smile on her face. It is a pleasure to be planting with her.


Jackie is also another regular at the Arai Nursery. She helps with cashiering, reorganizing plants (which is a never ending job), and making sure that people's plants are packed to be transported safely to their homes.


Jess is an honorary Arai Nursery daughter. She's worked at the Camas Plant and Garden show since the very first year it was held. In fact, we couldn't run the sale downtown without her help! She's helped design numerous container baskets for customers and is full of great suggestions for color combinations. One day Jess would like to own her own organic farm and tea house.

Mandie, Alex, Henry & Charlie

Mandie has taken on the crucial role of lead cashier at the Camas Plant and Garden Sale on Mother's Day weekend. No matter how long the lines get, she manages to keep the sale moving with a friendly and pleasant demeanor. Alex also plays a vital role in the Camas Plant and Garden Sale. He carefully transports all the plants from our Nursery down to the sale. He makes numerous trips during the day and is able to not only make trips quickly, but also keeps the plants looking their best upon arrival.

Alison, Jeremy, Hazel, Quentin, Arthur, & Tori

Alison enlisted Jeremy's help at the nursery 15 years ago, and he has been a steady volunteer ever since. Jeremy has helped bring the Arai Nursery into the digital age by setting up a credit card machine for the nursery and developing the nursery's website. Alison looks forward to designing the hanging baskets for each nursery season.

Sadly, we lost our official greeter, Boss, last summer. He will be missed by all his loyal nursery friends!